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Changing Colors

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Sixteen years ago I terminated my employment with one company to move to another and almost immediately lost contact with my friends there.  It is surprising to me just how often this happens to even the best of office friends, so the point of interest is not that we all went our separate ways, but where those paths took us. 

After no communication for many, many years, I somehow found a tenuous link to one of the VPs that I admired and considered a friend all those years ago.  The years had not changed Kevin’s fundamental nature but circumstance had placed him in a different environment foreign to the one I was familiar with. 

Let me tell you what I remember most about this man.  He had a wonderful sense of humor and of play – There were a group of executives that often went to lunch together, and two of them had a long standing game in which one would slip a spoon into the suit pocket of the other knowing that it would not be found until much later.  For the life of me I can’t remember if Kevin was the spooner or the spoonee.  I also remember that he could write well and that he had been published here and there in different magazines.  The last thing, and the thing I found most interesting at the time was that he raised chameleons.  It is surprisingly little to show for all those years working for the same company, but then our duties did not often bring us together.

When I found out that he had written a biography of Paul Nelson and that he was looking forward to having it published, my first thought was “Good Luck”.  I had no idea who Paul Nelson was.  It turns out that the man was fascinating: He lived one life in the Rock and Roll spotlight yet spent the last ten years of his life working as a clerk in a video store.  He did this so well that Kevin reports an obvious disconnect between those at his funeral who knew him as a rock critic and those who knew him from the video store.  He seems to have been a man with the same chameleon magic that fascinated me all those years ago.

I would never have picked up Everything Is an Afterthought: The Life and Writings of Paul Nelson if I had not been interested in Kevin’s new colors; my friendship with Kevin was such that I had to see what he had written.  I began reading Saturday and although I am nowhere near the end, I can pronounce his book fascinating.  I now know who Paul Nelson was and I feel slighted by not having known about him before.  I fully expect this book to turn me into a Paul Nelson fan before I turn the final page.


Oh, and if I have inspired you, the book is available HERE.


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April 16, 2012 at 1:41 pm